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Watershed Quarterly Report for December 2014

Thursday, February 05, 2015

At Future Planners we utilise the experience and expertise of many specialists in the field of investments to construct the most appropriate portfolio of Shares Fixed Interest Property and Cash depending on each client’s preference and risk profile.

With the advantage of our extensive license issued by ASIC we have the ability to use Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDA ) through our licensee. Most of our clients will have some and, in many cases, a majority exposure to one, two or all three of the Income, Core share and Emerging Leaders Separately Managed Accounts.

Download this quarter's reports

Click to download Quarterly Update - Core Share SMA December 2014

Click to download Quarterly Update - Emerging Leaders SMA December 2014

Click to download Quarterly Update - Income SMA December 2014

The above quarterly Reports provide a brief summary of Fund objectives and structure together with major holdings, fund performance and activity.